13 best books for vacation

It should be exciting, witty, light – and in the literal sense too. And it should also exalt, peace and shock the imagination

. We have very high hopes for our fleeting vacation reading. And you already know what you will take with you on vacation? Psychologies experts have chosen books for you the most popular genres in the summer.

Together with an ironic detective, a philosophical treatise or a “little book about great love”, we pack our dreams and desires, secret and obvious. Each they have their own – like books. “On weekdays, we try to observe the“ principle of reality, ”explains the psychoanalyst Svetlana Fedorova,“ we restrain ourselves from spontaneous manifestations, reluctantly let into our life fantasies, we are afraid not to meet some internal or social requirements, for example, we avoid reading “all kinds ofnonsense “like science fiction or female novels. On vacation, the “principle of pleasure” comes into force – and we allow ourselves to be naive, dreamy and experience vivid emotions along with fictional heroes ”.

The one who in life lacks intrigue and vivid events, who likes to solve riddles and look for answers to questions, willingly imagine himself in the place of the hero of the spy detective. “At the same time, those who are difficult to relax and must constantly maintain a certain level of tension, as well as on vacation, and the psychoanalyst, also needs to be taken up for scientific books. – Love novels allow you to survive the forgotten or inexperienced passion. Sometimes identification with the heroine is the only way for a woman to satisfy the need for close relationships that she is scary to realize with real people “. Reading memoirs and biographies reflects not only love to peep into the keyhole, but also our secret narcissism: we involuntarily seek the ideal images of ourselves or our loved ones in great people.

And you already know what you will take with you on vacation? Psychologies experts have chosen books for you the most popular genres in the summer.

Question to the expert

Kirill Krasnik, editor-in-chief of the ABC-classic series, ABC publishing house.

“Books selected by time itself”

Classic, published in a soft cover and pocket format, is a favorite vacation reading. For 17 years, the ABC publishing house has released more than 1,500 books in a dark green binding with a total circulation of more than 30 million copies.

Psychologies : Have the interests of readers of classical literature over the years have changed?

TO. TO. : Readers are always interested primarily in good books. And therefore, choosing authors for our series is easy and pleasant – we publish the best that is written from antiquity to the present day. Works with a sign of quality that has set time. Now we are more often connecting the release of books with film awards – films shot according to classical works cause a surge of interest in the original source, and regardless of the quality of the picture. But there is an unexpected constancy. For example, I am surprised by the invariable interest in Freud’s works. Why are they so in demand – I don’t know. For me this is a mystery.

Nevertheless, is there a seasonal demand for books?

TO. TO. : This is a myth that we take some books on the plane, but we read others at home. How many readers, so many rules for reading. But we try to take into account the nuances. We care more about students and schoolchildren in autumn – we reprint the classics that is included in training courses. And in the summer – love and detective novels of the XIX century, Zola, Balzac, Wilka Collins. They are more willing to buy. On the one hand, this literature is certainly of high quality, it cannot deceive. And on the other hand, it is easily read, allows you to take away away from the present, which many of us are striving for rest and seek.

Interview Alla Anufrieva


Rumors about the total victory of the “computer thriller”, where there is no plot without high technology, are exaggerated: the traditional detective is unlikely to disappear from the literary card. Riddles will always remain in the world, with which – with all due respect to the computer – only a person will cope.

Roman Arbitman, literary critic, author of detectives (under the pseudonym Lev Gursky). According to his novel, “Change of places”, the series “Dossier of Detective Dubrovsky” was shot (dir. Alexander Muratov).

“Believe in my lie” Elizabeth George

Although with the Englishman Agatha Christie, the American Elizabeth George is not related, she is considered her heiress: as in Christie’s novels, the plot of George is the interweaving of the kindly-financial interests of many people, and everyone can be a killer. The main character, Thomas Linly, not only an employee of Scotland Yard, but also a lord, who is easy to fit into a higher society, where the most confusing crimes are committed. We must stock up on patience, take off the family cabinets – and soon skeletons will begin to fall out of there.

Translation from English Tatyana Golubeva.

“Mysterious case of Jack-Popapopyshchik” Mark Hodder

Jack-jumper, like his namesake, is the real character of the Criminal Chronicle of the XIX century London. However, the detectives of Berton and Swinburn have a small resemblance to their prototypes, traveler and poet. Yes, and Victorian England, where the action takes place, is not like itself: the genre of “alternative history” gaining popularity is increasingly capturing related genres, from the melodrama to the movie triller, and in conjunction with the detective, amazing plots are born, where reality retreats with light curtsy, and even reality is retreating.Therefore, the denouement is unpredictable.

Translated from English Alexander Virokhovsky. BMM, 352 s.

“Heat” Jesse Kellerman

Excellent evidence that a woman armed with a noble mission can turn the mountains. The secretary of Gloria (36 years old, divorced) in search of his disappeared boss, not indifferent to her, will make a dangerous trip to the Mexican hinterland – to where the heat drives crazy and where justice is no more than in the movie Desperado. The writer saved scenes in the action style at the end, although – a rare case for the detective – here is not only the plot, but also the heroine herself, who at the beginning of the novel does not suspect what she will be capable of at the end.

Translated from English by Sergey Ilyin. Phantom Press, 416 from.


“Look around. How many women detectives work in the murder department? One single, and you talk to her “

Jane Rizzoli, along with pathologist Maura Ailes, is investigating a terrible crime in the Chinese quarter of Boston. Impulsive ritzoli and calm ails make up – to envy men – the perfect team.