13 signs of love dependence

In the beginning, healthy and dependent relationships can develop in a very similar way. When you are together, time flies unnoticed, it seems that you are walking in the clouds, and a smile does not leave your face. But it is important to understand in time at what rate the “ship of love” is moving, whether he can go into a happy voyage or perish, breaking on a rock in shallow water.

The suffering from healthy people differ from healthy people in that they are not able to go further than the first strong love, passion and attraction. “Dependence requires the constant stimulation of the“ center of pleasure ”of the brain (associated with a sense of love and love), so they constantly start new relations, forgetting everything except the new object of love,” explains the family therapist Gianny Adamo.

Sexual dependence arises about the same way – the suffering she also needs to constant stimulation of the “center of pleasure” of the brain that they receive through sexual ties and fantasies. Some people suffer from both types of dependence at the same time. They easily fall in love, but it is difficult for them to maintain a healthy relationship. In order not to break the “ship of love” about the reef, confused in relations with a person dependent on love, remember these 13 possible signs of love dependence.

Signs of a dependent on human love

Constantly starts new relationships, which continues relatively shortly (from 3 to 24 months).


All the time is looking for “the same” or “that very”.

Produces strategies for the search, seduction and retention of new partners.

Holds a partner with sex, seduction, manipulation.

Constantly longs to be an object of special attention, hunts for strong sensations.

Cannot be alone for a long time – this is unbearable for him.

Desperately tries to please the partner, afraid to be abandoned or abandoned.

Chooses partners emotionally inaccessible, marriage or cruel.

Refuses his friends and interests for the sake of new love.

When he has no relationship, he tries to escape from a feeling of loneliness with sex, masturbation or fantasies. Sometimes in this way it avoids relationships.

Constantly returns to the relationship that caused pain in the past or got out of control.

Leads a risky sexual life without thinking about possible consequences (sexually transmitted diseases, unplanned pregnancy, risk of rape).

Unable to maintain close relations for a long time. When a feeling of novelty passes, he becomes bored or he is afraid to fall into a trap of long -term relationships with an inappropriate person. As a result, he emotionally moves away from his partner or repels him with scandals.

How to get rid of love dependence?

Love is a wonderful feeling, but too strong love can also be a sign of mental dysfunction. “Serving dependence on love or sex are looking for a source of happiness not in themselves, but in the outside world. The first important step in the treatment of any dependence is to stop denying the problem and admit that life has become uncontrollable, ”says Gianny Adamo.

Psychotherapy and anonymous support groups can help in treatment. Dependencies often arise against the background of children’s injuries associated with attachment or sexual violence. If you started dating a new partner and suspected that he or she suffers from love addiction, it is better to try to find someone else who is ready and capable of long-term relationships and true love.

If you still want to try to save this relationship, try to openly talk to a partner and understand whether he is ready to solve his problems. Successful and durable relationships and marriages require conscious efforts from both partners.