Dell Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI and the Microsoft data platform 

Standardize your deployment Microsoft SQL Server on a fully engineered and tightly integrated platform designed to streamline the Azure hybrid cloud experience. 

The Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform

Data is a precious commodity for any organization. It has the power to identify and resolve weaknesses in business strategy, enhance customer relationships, and create market disrupting services. Cloud strategies have been instrumental in helping businesses to capture, retain, analyze, and gain valuable insights into their data. Cloud approaches have provided businesses with the ability innovate faster with their data and has been instrumental in helping to build a responsive IT strategy. A hybrid cloud approach makes it possible to select the optimal location for your data. However, when data is spread across the Edge, on-premises, cloud and multiclouds, management can become complex. Microsoft Azure Arc-enabled data services on a validated Dell Integrated System for Microsoft Azure HCI delivers a consistent management experience—wherever your data lives. The Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform seeks to allow companies generate predictive insights and govern all data regardless of location with a consistent management. As part of Microsoft’s holistic approach, Azure Arc and Azure Stack HCI allows customers to bring the Azure cloud experience to Dell Integrated System. Streamline the Azure multi-cloud experience Microsoft’s comprehensive Azure cloud strategy is designed to address the need for agile cloud-based IaaS requirements while also simplifying management, security and compliance of distributed IT assets regardless of it the location of the data or applications. Dell Integrated Systems for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI, is a complete, fully engineered and tightly integrated infrastructure platform for on-premises deployments. Designed to streamline your Azure multicloud ecosystem and simplifying operations on-premises, Dell Azure Stack HCI lets you focus on accelerating innovation that fuels business. Azure Stack HCI Broad offers broad configurations to help address unique requirements, making it a great building block for a SQL Server 2022 deployments. Whether customers need high volume of transactions, or higher storage footprints for larger OLAP systems, multiple options for caching and storage make both possible while being cost-effective.