“I see only bad people in people”

Whoever I communicate with, I begin to pay attention to what kind of shortcomings that a person has. I’m desperate. Relations always end on my initiative. I recently divorced, because in my husband and his family I began to notice only negative sides. Usually happens like this: I get acquainted with a young man, we meet, and then begins to annoy everything in him: how he eats, swallows, how he behaves in society. And soon absolutely everything does not suit me. I already turned to a psychologist, we found out that the reason is in my father, who often insults me. But, even realizing this, I can’t do anything with myself.

Ekaterina, 23 years old

Catherine, sometimes it is not enough only to realize the reasons for suffering. It is important to continue to analyze the situations in which you experience these feelings.

In your case, it will be useful to separate from your father at least for a while. Reflect on what you feel your dependence on him? Perhaps it is worth it to tell him less about your plans, try not to accept his help. It is important for you to feel that you can rely on yourself, be independent of his opinion.

If you grew up in an atmosphere of criticism, depreciation, then you have formed a negative image of yourself. Having limited communication with your father, you can feel freedom and the opportunity to show those parts that were not accepted by him. Think about what you can be grateful for yourself, that you do best than you are proud. Realizing that the parents did not give us the necessary amount of love and acceptance, we can try to give this to ourselves.

Most likely, when you are annoyed by others, it is difficult for you to accept in them the manifestations that you reject in yourself. Ekaterina, I think, now you are

Profesor Grit Birnbaum, maturant na izraelskom sveučilištu koji je ime uzeo iz Bar-Ilana, dao je izjavu koja nas je nadahnula da porniće gledamo još češće nego prije (iako bi se činilo mnogo češće?). To se dogodilo tijekom intervjua profesora vremena izdanja. Intervju je bio posvećen psihološkim mehanizmima za komuniciranje tablete za potenciju i žene na početku odnosa.

only at the beginning of the way to get acquainted with yourself, different parts of your personality. And gradually you can accept them, love and feel more confident.