“I see in messages my beloved irritation, although he assures that he is calm”

When I communicate with my loved one on a social network, then if he answers me is unemotional, it seems to me that I annoy him. However, he assures me that this is not so. There is no such live, since I see the face of a person and his real emotions. But when we are apart, this problem is repeated again and again.

And so not only with him, so with all. Especially when I

Na istom filmskom filmu za odrasle, zamoljeno je da cijene i žele li seks i koliko – na skali od jednog (ne sviđa mi se) do 10 (volim). I tako je pronađeno: 69 posto glumice odabralo je 10 bodova. Samo manje od 2% odabralo je pet bodova ili ne. Glumci muškaraca također su visoki: na istoj skali od 1 do tadalafil dobili su u prosjeku 8,4 boda.

read the forums. It seems to me that people are angry there as if they will now attack each other with knives, although in fact such an aggression may not at all.

I do not understand where it came from, I am an optimistic person and find pluses in everything, but in this situation it does not work out.

Ekaterina, 20 years old

An interesting question, Catherine. On social networks or in SMS, we simply gain text and do not convey almost any emotions. It’s not for nothing that all sorts of emoticons came up to show with what intonation this or that phrase is pronounced.

Therefore, we usually give text messages to our own emotions. We are more broadcast what we ourselves have.

You said a key phrase that when personal communication with your young man, you do not experience these feelings. Our body and our gestures, our face and its facial expressions are extremely informative. They can say much more about the true intentions of a person than words.

With personal contact, we subconsciously read these non -verbal signals from the other, and we have a general impression of conversation, from the meeting and from the person in general.